Notable Events

We have selected some notable events that might be of interest to you. (These are links external to Elysian Airlines)

Guinea - Conakry

Festival International Kora et Cordes de Conakry
Macao Arts Festival

Gambia - Banjul

Fishing Festival
International Roots Festival
Banjul Demba Cultural Festival

Sierra Leone - Freetown

Sierra Leone International Film Festival
Ballanta Music Festival
Kiln Sierra Leone Marathon
Tangains Festival

Guinea Bissau - Bissau

The Guinea-Bissau Carnival

Liberia - Monrovia

Popular music Friday Nights

Senegal - Dakar

Senegal International Film Festival, Dakar
Abéné Festival, Casamance
Kaay Fecc, Dakar
Rapandar Festival, St. Louis
Saint Louis International Jazz Festival, Saint Louis